A place to remember Benny. ( Ian Davies )

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Above - Benny at Beliche Portugal. Photo by Jude Trotman.

Below - Costa Rica

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Bennys last surf spot. Costa Rica.


Photos of Bennys Paddle out day, at Southerndown Bay.

By Nicki Batten.

More Photos of Benny Below



I can't believe it's been nearly a year since i first found and looked at this site.

I found out when i was at the funeral that he was loved by many people.

It's nice to always av this site to look back on picture of him x

Rhys James
Age 10


Here is a song sent to me by 12 yr old Paige Dunlop. Written from the Heart.

Hey there its paige again just thought id say that the last tme i saw Benny was at 3 in the morning in the back of a taxi haha, here are the lyrics to Bennys song .

Hey there Benny

verse 1
Hey there benny whats it lik up there in heaven are u surfing all the clouds away then stop and look down just to say hi. i wish i saw u before you died just to say goodbye.
Oh you were a great friend to me. oh a great friend to me [[reapet]] a great friend to me.
Hey there Benny have u gone to talk to god yet i bet u asked him if u could go out side and listern to your i pod im sure he still loves you. we all dooooo.
verse 3
Hey there Benny is there tv up in heaven do u watch spongebob all day then go somewhere far far away . But only if god says ok and if u know the way.
couruse [[bacground]] whooooo whoooooo whooo o o o o whooooo whooo whoooo
verse 1


Dedicatied to Benny from Paige and the Dunlops and the tune is the same as hey there delilah by the plain white t's by paige dunlop age 12

p.s sorry if i annoyed you


Hi david, I used bunty to get your attention . My name is Stewart Nicholas or Clusky to most people in Brigend . I grew up next door to Benny and Mouse and would just like to say how upset I am to hear about Bennys death. if you see Mouse please tell him that l am sorry l could not attend the funeral as I live in Brisbaine Australia . I said a prayer for Ian and reflected on some of our adventures at Southerndown beach when I tryed my hand at surfing with a six foot bilbo and I am six foot four. It was a disaster . Benny and Mouse made it look so easy . anyway I gave up and sold my board to nick bastier . Say gday to Bunty for me as we were in the same class all the way through the gam and the comp . Ian you may be gone but your not forgotten.

Andreqw Nicholas Brisbane


Photos of Benny outside The Plough and Harrow at Monknash village.
From Curly Colin of Cardiff and Matt Allen
(From Florida) Who Benny met in Costa Rica .

Benny, Colin and Jammy love Sponge Bob.


It was with great sadness that I learned last week, of the death of Benny. A
true spirit of the ocean, and friend to all who were fortunate enough and
lucky to know him, and touch his hand.
I first met Benny at Southerndown back in the early 70's, I was nine years
his senior, and had been surfing since the beginning of the 60's. Myself and
my other surfing buddies quickly warmed to Benny, his brother Arwyn and the
whole Southerndown crew and life then was simple, warm and uncomplicated. We
enjoyed the waves, the ocean and each others company with not a care in the
I would like, on behalf of my buddies and I, to extend the hand of sympathy
to Benny's family, friends, and all those who had the good fortune to be
close to him.
Now he is gone, he would not want those who are left behind to be too sad,
but to remember his impish smile, and, as he once said to me many years ago,
'Life is for living boy, so lets do it'

Rip on Benny

Dave Lewis,
( on behalf of the Cwmbran Crew )

Dave Lewis
Keith ( Ben ) Rogers
Dai Cantley
Steve Kersely


Hiya David - I hope that you are well and bearing up under the circumstances.
Your web-page for Benny is a lovely idea and will provide comfort to many people. I only found out about Benny last week - I'm living in Cwmbran now and had popped to his house as I couldn't get hold of him on his mobile. I had caught up with him before Christmas and he'd given me all the low down on you, your brother and also RJ and Gareth Bellamy as fellow New Zealanders.

The photos of him on the web-page made me giggle. I never knew Benny with a moustache!!

My thoughts are with you all as I am sure you will be finding it difficult to come to terms with. Big hugs to Arwyn, you and Bunty.

Take care Tanya Johnson.


I am so saddened to hear of the loss of Benny, he was always a pleasure to have propping up the bar on quiet winter nights in the Cups.
Please express my condolences from afar to Arwyn/family/friends back home.

Carrie Barnett (Old Cups Bar Staff)
San Diego, CA


I heard from my sister the news of Benny's passing. It hit me like a brick. The memories and visions of times gone by came flooding back. It really has been a long time between drinks. Too long. Benny was a soul that inspired me to surf, to travel, to be kind and to live the life of the ocean as a surfer. His inspiration has taken me to places I thought I could never go.
As a young fella, I met Benny and Arwyn through my uncle Tim (Howells) at the first Euro comp' at Manorbier. Then, with the many Welsh Opens that followed, Benny, Arwyn, Pete Harry guided me and cared for me like brothers.
The many good times in the surf, at the pubs and the Southern Underground days. I remember a lot of laughing going on, as I'm sure, many of you do!!!!!
Benny, what guy, what a character, what a chuckle, what a surfer, what a soul.
The sort of soul that's with you forever. The salt of the earth . A
legend !!!!!!!!!
My heart goes out to family and friends who I know will miss him dearly.

Arwyn and family, my thoughts are with you.
Benny, I will see you on the other side and we'll catch up for that drink that's been a long time coming!!!!
Thanks to David

Nick Grant
West Oz


I knew Benny, Arwyn and some of the other guys close to 18 yrs ago. I was so saddened to hear of Benny's passing....quite unbelievable really! He will be dearly missed by all that ever had the privilege of meeting him. Such a kind, gentle man who was always smiling.. . . . that's really what I remember the most about him.....his smile and his chuckle.
My love goes to Arwyn and his family at this most difficult time.



If there was ever a massive change for me along this coastlineof Southerndown & Ogmore by sea, that I love so much. It would equate to something like Witches Point disappearing over night, or the Great Cliffs slumping to beach level and gone for ever. Then it is the great loss that I, and many others are suffering right now, with the loss of our dear soulful friend Benny ( Ian Davies ). A man, who can never be replaced. A legend who, was indeed, a part, of this coastline. He was a man who had time for anyone, and anyone who met him, would like him every time.

With his easy going character, Benny made many friends through his life and was the most popular guy you would know. From experience, I know that you couldn't walk a hundred metres with Benny, without someone stopping him to shake his hand and say some hellos. I always remember, it took twice as long to go anywhere with Benny because of that fact.

I got to know Benny and his brother Arwyn through my brother Bunty. As my brother and I, tried surfing for the first time. We fell in love with The Bay and the lifestyle in an afternoon, in the white water spray, the glare of the sun on the water and the barbecue smoke. We all grew together, and became friends with other surfers along the way, who surf the at the bay. We all became a family, not a family of blood, but of the beach and the water and surf. Loving sunshine and laughter in the pebble pit at Southerndown, where Benny could often be seen in his nest.

Benny died doing what he loved to do, surfing under a sunset at his favourite surf resort in Costa Rica. Life is different now, and will never be the same. Time will heal the pain of the loss felt by all who knew Benny. But like I say, it will never be the same.

Benny . I loved you. David A. Batten.


Photos below from Lee Roberts

Ye Olde Shop Beach Road. Now Frolics Restaraunt.

Life through Rose tinted glasses.

Benny Skateboarding Beach Road Southerndown 1975


Below - Photos from Gemma Harker

Here are just a few snapshots of benny from last summer, his birthday and just chillin'.
also a few photos of southerndown that i took- one of my favourite places to go too. Gem x


I would just like to say that this is a good idea. Alot of people knew Benny and are probably finding this time very hard. My thoughts are with Arwyn and all the family. My brother Nick Grant, who now lives in Australia had the privelage as a grommie of joining Southerdown Underground Surf Club with Benny, Arwyn, Peter, Dunlop and many others many years ago and telling him of Benny's death was very hard for me over the phone. We loved him dearly and have some wonderful memories of the surf days, trips and competitions we all went to. Like many, I think that Benny was a wonderful, generous and kind person - the salt of the earth I would say. The family as a whole are well thought of , his dad Meirion sang in the choir with our dad and Mary was a wonderful woman. I hope that Friday will be a celebration of Benny's life and give comfort to all. God Bless xxx

Joanne Harding


I have known Benny over 20years. An absolute 'legend' who will be greatly missed by many people. I grew up watching Benny and Arwyn and the crew at Southerndown surfing for many years and have got to know 'em all well since.
Benny stood out for sure, because he 'surfed with the most laid-back and natural style that most of us dreamt of- He also did it with a smile'. He always had time to chat about the waves, travel and surfing. Friday night at 'The Cups' is going to be strange without him.
Best wishes to all the crew and especially Arwyn, Rudi and family.

Phil(The Fish)


I have known him for quite a while I suppose, going on most of my adult life 25 years on and off, bumping into each other around bridgend at pubs and clubs, at the beach when Ive been back in wales and at my house or his for a chill-out or two.
As the guys have mentioned on your tribute page, he always had time for everyone for a chat and always loved a good laugh, and no matter how long it would have been since you saw him, he would always be intrested to hear your news. I have some classic stories but suppose they are not for everyone' ears too, some real beauts, which thinking about them now brings a big smile to my face, which Im sure everyone who knew him has a few.
It is a sad time for his family and friends, my thoughts are with them, your tribute page will bring comfort to them, thanks david.
Tihei Moari Ora
E mihi tonu ana ki nga mate haere, haere, haere atu ra
Hei kona Benny.

Gareth Bellamy, Raglan New Zealand


I new Benny for 33 years from when I was eleven, he and his brother were/are amazing surfers and my heros as a grom. He was a sponsored surfer and just as importantly one hell of a nice guy I will miss our chats.

He always had a smile and was one of the founding members of the now defunct Southerndown surf club (I still have an old board with a membership sticker on it). Maybe its time to restart it.

He was also responsible at least partly for my grom knickname of Flipper (I used to and will now go back to using flipperrm as my alias.

There will be a celebration of his life at the Three Golden Cups Southerndown soon where many of his normal tipple San Miguel will be sunk.

I am also going to suggest a paddle out for Benny, I will post more details when they are made.

But for now next time you go surfing have a wave for Benny, a great surfer and a great guy.

Aloha Benny.

From Adrian Flipper.


Thank you for all your support at this sad time! our father Arwyn(Mouse) arrived home from costa Rica on sunday to find out this terrible news had happened while he was traveling. Uncle Benny was meant to be traveling home with jammy, colin and juan carlos today, so over the last few days his friends have been a big help to our father, they must be going through hell! so we will be happy to see them home safe.
we are so greatfull for all your support, and will keep you informed of any arrangements.

Thank you again

we always thought our uncle was a legend and now he deffinatly is !

Rudi Perrins Davies
Blaise Perrins Davies



I have some photo's from my Dad (Scotty) that were taken when I was a wee lass.....

feel free to use them on Benny's Memorial page.

Sue Webber & Dad Scotty..

Benny at the Welsh open

Benny & friends

Photo ....Left to right = Nick, Scotty, Benny, Howard Norman, Arwyn.


Really sad news, I didn't really know Benny, I only met him a couple of times in the water, years ago, and both were smiley times. But He was well known, especially amongst our, now, greying / thining haired fraternity, and I suppose was the epitomy of "Stoke", a skilled surfer who wasn't too cool to care, and knew that surfing is about having fun. A sad loss to all who shared the water and land with him.

Doc 2 Skirts.


I have known Benny for about 35 years. My heart goes out to his family & also to Arwyn. My childhood was spend with these 2 surfers (any many many more, such as Paul Roberts & Bruce, down at Southerndown. I have many fond memories of Benny & it was so nice to meet up with him again a few years back at my Dad's(Scotty)60th birthday bash. He was a legend & it was a priviledge to have know him...

Sufer Sue44


Here are some old photos of Benny from 1981 at Thurso the Europeon Championships. I was introduced to Benny some 30 or so years ago by Scotty. I saw him off on over the years . I travelled to Thurso with him in 1981 and spent a great week surfing in his company. Good memories. He will be missed.



Hard to believe whats happened. Although as DuffMan said, Benny was in his favourite place, doing what he loved... and there are precious few of us who will go out like that.

As with many others who will read this, I really looked up to Benny and Arwyn when I was a kid, wishing I could surf half as good, and wishing I could smile half as much as Benny did. What more could you want??
Itfs been over 13 years since I left Big-End, but as you all know, wherever you go, you always seem to come across someone who knew, or had heard of him.

I wonft be able to make it back for the Celebration down the Cups (great idea!) but Ifll definitely be celebrating Benny's life by supping down a few San Migs in his honour somewhere in Tokyo, and making someone whofs never met him snort their beer laughing with some of the old stories.

Arwyn, Rudi and Blaise, my thoughts are with you guys.
You were 100% spot-on; Benny was a full-on legend!



Wow! wot a guy! will be missed greatly by a hell of a lot of people. one of the nicest, most caring people i'v ever met and i only knew him for a short while. he always had a big, cheeky smile on his face and his laugh was infectious.

Glad he was enjoying himself and living life to the full at the time. Lots of lovely memories to remember him by,im sure plenty of people are thinking of him at this time and smiling- great guy!!

To his family and close friends that i met, raise ur pints to the ledge that is BENNY !! smiley

Gem xxx


Benny was well known to generations of our club members who patrolled at Southerndown and he will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with his family and friends at this sad time.



It's great to see so many people paying their respects here. Ben (or Moel, as he will always be to me) and I have been friends since childhood. Arwyn has asked me if I would get up and tell some funny stories at his service. Well, I have loads of stories, but not all are family friendly... especially in our Southerndown Underground days!

If any of you have some good tales I might tell, could you post them here?

Many thanks

Lea Roberts


Remember Benny way back when I was a pup (so was he) just used to watch the southerndown crew doing their thing and wish I could be them. I never made it sadly!

Always remember him as a gentleman, always smiling a real love, met up again recently he still the same lovely guy I'd always remembered.
Can't think of a better way for him to go, doing what he loved it was just much much to soon.

Working with his cousin at moment so big love to her and all his family. Really sad for everyone.
Keep on keeping on



Have known Benny and mouse for a long time and first met them when I started surfing at Southerndown.

I started surfing late and they were kids always ripping what ever the size of waves when I was either wiping out or thinking bugger,'They're doing again'

Benny, what a smashing guy always smiling and always talk to anybody in the line up.

Arwyn and family thinking of at this very sad time

Tim and Paul


Yeah Benny was known as a local legend in the area, as he ripped in the water....he will be sadly missed by the local crew as he always brought a smile to wherever he came!!!rip benny dude
From scout and all the boys


Southerndown Bay under Sunset. Bennys favourite Beach.